Lesson #2: Two-Hand Coordination


In this finger exercise we’ll practice using both hands independently. With the left hand play the chromatic warm up exercise we already know, but in legato by only doing hammer-ons and pull-offs. At the same time, the right hand is playing a simple backbeat with a bass hit on ‘1’ and ‘3’ and a snare hit on ‘2’ and ‘4’. Watch the video to see how this exercise sounds.


Let’s start with the left hand: on the low ‘E’ string, hammer your index finger on ‘1’ on the 5th fret. Position your thumb on the back of the neck opposite to the 5th fret, then play the riff with your other fingers in sequence. Make sure to hit the string with the tip of the finger and not the pad, also I would recommend that you play on each string twice before moving to the next. After you’ve hammered on your little finger, pull it off to get the first note, then go on and do the same for the other strings.

When you reach the high ‘E’ string, play the same exercise in reverse by playing pull-offs. Pull them slightly down with a just enough force to produce a clear tone. When you reach the index finger, prepare your fingers by fretting them and start over again.

Let’s practice this exercise together!